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Relaxing in your indoor hot tub could be hazardous to your health, a Denver doctor says. Usually harmless bacteria can mix with the steam from the hot tub and be carried into the lungs, Cecile Rose of the National Jewish Medical and Research Center told the annual meeting of the Full Story

The European Commission on Wednesday ruled as dietary supplements the sale of vitamins and minerals to guarantee the health of consumers. Full Story

Workers' compensation benefit payments and costs declined relative to wages for the sixth consecutive year, according to a study by the Washington, D.C.-based National Academy of Social Insurance. Full Story

President Clinton is unveiling details of his long-promised plan for voluntary prescription drug benefits for Medicare beneficiaries Wednesday. Spokesman Joe Lockhart said the plan would cover up to half of yearly drug costs up to $5,000 when phased in and would set up private Full Story

Drug developers in China hope they can extract powerful components from herbal medicines to produce new drugs for major illnesses. Full Story

The injection of Ugandan volunteers with the first HIV vaccine to be tested in Africa has been completed, scientists at the Joint Clinical Research Centre said yesterday. Full Story

The idea of tax credits to help uninsureds buy health insurance is gaining favor among lawmakers in Washington and presidential candidates, according to a new report from the Heritage Foundation. Full Story

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