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Dog starring in own show goes from rags to riches

LOS ANGELES — A once unloved and unwanted dog went from rags to riches after being chosen to star in his own television series.

Rowdy, an Australian shepherd-husky mix, was rescued from an animal shelter a few years ago and has appeared in a few commercials.

But he's getting his big break with Nickelodeon, starring in a television series called "100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd,'' which premieres Saturday.

The producers chose Rowdy for the part of Eddie because of his personality and striking looks, including pale blue eyes. Rowdy was chosen from about 700 other canines.

Now the pooch travels with an entourage of trainers and is constantly pampered.

Just like human actors, stardom often results in a tremendous improvement of animals' lives, said Jim Moore, a spokesman for the American Humane Association, which monitors treatment of animals during productions.

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